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The objective of this program is 
to enable participants to own and operate 
a long-term sustainable, profitable new business.

Growing microgreens 
and other produce indoors
is the business.

There is significant market demand for 
locally-grown fresh produce
Farm to Fork.
Farm to Table.
Farm to School.

every part of the country has seasons
and locally-grown fresh produce
is typically not available 
So, we farm inside buildings.
We create the season
 and control the conditions. 
Locally-grown fresh produce is then available
within a few miles of where it will be consumed.

We use a growing system that combines 
technologies in a new and innovative way.
The grow system we developed is
environmentally sound,
uses minimal water and electricity,
and avoids the high costs of hydroponics, 
greenhouses, and typical grow lamps.
100% natural compost.
No municipal water discharge.
No chemicals.
No pesticides.

We proved out our technology 
for three full years
in an unused city-owned building
that had been vacant for 14 years.

The program is open to everyone
but with a focus on Veterans.
Because we owe Veterans...everything.
And many Veterans want to own their own business.
And Veterans make great farmers.
Veterans as beginning farmers?
Click HERE and HERE and HERE.

Old, unused buildings
can be ideal grow centers.

...we see a year-round indoor growing facility.
Where you see an unused building...
COPE International-USA
Creating Opportunities through Partnership and Education

Commercial Indoor Farming
a Sustainable Program for
Long-Term Business Ownership
2023 Update

Our most successful graduate is a Veteran who owns and operates a very profitable commercial indoor farm, growing microgreens.