Our mission is to build sustainable indigenous capabilities to ameliorate or resolve needs, 
both at home and abroad, 
while acting in partnership with governmental 
and nongovernmental organizations.

COPE-USA does not compete with or duplicate 
the efforts of other organizations. 

We are action-oriented.  
We do not write glossy reports that sit on shelves.  
We do things.
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education and training • commercial indoor farming • urban farming • sustainable agriculture • business ownership for Veterans • community supported agriculture • nutrition • farm to table • construction programs and solutions • temporary and permanent construction systems • housing • schools • clinics • sustainable buildings • indoor air quality • energy efficiency • magnetic induction lighting • structural insulated panels (SIP) • compressed earth block • ceramic insulation for buildings • LEED technologies • applied medical research • education, curriculum development, and training programs in physical and occupational rehabilitation • emergency preparedness products and supplies for businesses, organizations, and individuals • water purification • first aid kits • go kits • shelter in place kits • business development, management, planning and guidance
COPE International-USA
Creating Opportunities through Partnership and Education